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Events +Comp Results


19th November: Eastleigh Lights switch on 

15th December- Annual Showcase 

16th December- Flipout Sleepover social


Future Cheer - Into The Future Regionals 2022

Quartz Senior Level 2- 

Jade Adaptive abilities level 1 - 1st Place 


Future Cheer Internationals 2021 

Diamond Senior level 2 Stunt - 

Amethyst Paracheer Stunt - 

Emerald Senior level 3 Stunt- 


Future Cheer Internationals 2022

Jade Level 1 Adaptive abilities - 1st Place 

Obsidian Hip Hop adaptive abilities - 1st Place 

Sapphire Cheer abilities - 100% on score sheet 

Quartz Senior Allstar Level 2 - 6th Place

Onyx- Senior 4 Stunt - 4th Place 

Emerald Senior 3 Stunt- 

Amethyst Para cheer stunt- 1st Place 

Pearl- Youth Novice - Outstanding 


ICE regionals 2022

Obsidian adaptive abilities Hip hop - 1st Place

Jade senior Allstar level 1 - 1st Place 

Quartz Senior Allstars level 2- 

P22_8383 (1).JPG

Team Merger September 2021

 Aviators and Eclipse Elite came together to make a brand new team for the Southampton and Chandlers Ford areas. 

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