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Nomie Key

Head coach/ CIC Director

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Nomie has over 20 years experience in the cheer industry with more than 17 of those years being a coach. 

She is passionate about the sport of and even more so about the positive lifelong effects it has athletes that come through the programme. 

"Cheerleading is an amazing inclusive sport where anyone can achieve great things. It builds confidence and helps kids realise they can achieve anything in life if they are willing to put in the work."

Alysha Crittel

Assistant Head Coach 

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Alysha has over 13 years experience in cheerleading both competing and coaching at national and international competitions. She has a genuine love for the sport and it shows in her coaching style and the bonds she builds with athletes.

"I love cheerleading because everyone is included and I love seeing the athletes hard work pay off when they achieve their goals"

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Choreography and Flying

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Lyrical/ contemporary and Stunting 


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Tumbles and Dance


Stretch and Social  

Faye Loader

Faye has been in the Cheer Industry for nearly 20 years and has been coaching for the past 4. 

She is passionate about stunting and tumbling which shows in her incredible attention to detail.

"I believe cheer helps you become the best version of yourself. You can push yourself individually with dance, tumble and jumps. While also learning team skills in stunting and routines. It's truly one of the most rewarding and well rounded sports there is."

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Nicole Parsons

Nicole has 11 years tumble experience and now 9 years in the cheer industry as well.  She is a fantastic and positive coach with a specialisation in teaching and improving tumbling skills. 

"I love watching the athletes hard work pay off and I love that the sport brings us together to become one cohesive team"

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Sadie Dougherty

Sadie has over 13 years experience within gymnastics, competing at the British Championships 4 times. She is a coach who is fantastic at building the confidence of athletes and will help them believe in their own ability to stunt and tumble. 

"Cheerleading is more than just a sport, it becomes your passion and you wont ever want to stop" 

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