All our classes are inclusive and adaptable for athletes with physical disabilities. 
We also have classes designed for neurodiverse athletes that may have additional needs.
Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and book a free trial session. 



Non competitive cheerleading and tumble  classes, that showcase and attend local events. 

Great for new athletes , those who want to cheer for fun or those who don't wish to compete at events.  

Prep squad 

A competitive cheerleading team that competes twice a year and attends local events and an in house showcase. 

A lower cost competition option for parents. Less elite skills required for athletes.

ALlstar squad

A competitive cheerleading team that competes 3+ times a year at national and international competitions. This squad is for  athletes that want to work hard on elite skills and achieve their absolute best. 


hip hop team

Competitive dance team in Hip Hop Style. 

Competing 1-2 times a year and attending local events and in house showcase. 

cheer acro

Recreational stunting session in pairs.

Learning lifts and balances in a fun and relaxed session.

stunt group

Competitive stunting teams of 5 that train to compete 1-2 times a year. 

Pushing the difficulty and creativity of aerial stunting skills. 

Ideal for non tumblers.


para cheer

Competitive cheerleading team unified with athletes with physical disabilities. 

Fully adaptable and flexible sessions with stunting, jumps and dance. 


lyrical team

Competitive dance team in contemporary/ lyrical dance style 

Competing 1-2 times a year and attending local events and in house showcase.


inclusive cheer

Competitive cheerleading team that is inclusive and adaptable. A fun and relaxed session that uses basic BSL.